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Thank you for visiting our website. Look through our activities for more than 50 years since 1961! Zen Nihon Koteki Band Form Baton Association

Koteki Band Form Baton

It was more than 57 years ago, the year Showa-36, 1961, that Koteki Band was born. It was three years before the first Olympic Games in Asia would start in Tokyo. Although it was not easy to prepare even just a small piece of musical instrument, we had a strong desire for every child to be able to play music.

The Koteki Band was aiming to grow young people to be healthy through playing music with keeping in mind to forge our spirit and body. We always have focused on playing music and twirling a baton in a friendly atmosphere rather than the competitions among others.

Our activities have been spread out to various kinds of events led by central and local government, sports, and TVs in both domestic and overseas. In the year 2004, the Koteki Band obtained a certification of nonprofit organization "Zen Nihon Koteki Band Form Baton Association."

Zen Nihon Koteki Band Form Baton Association